CADLE, Jason Everette age 35 of homeless – La Follette for criminal impersonation, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of probation and child support attachment

CARROLL, Jr. Jason Heath age 27 of 783 Walden Ridge Lane – Caryville for hold for another agency

CHESSER, Sienna Rain age 21 of 522 Old Woolridge Pike – Jellico for violation of probation

JACKSON, Jeremy Paul age 40 of 125 Nevada Avenue – La Follette for DUI (driving under the influence) and seatbelt violation

KENNEDY, Lonnie Anthony age 42 of 3308 Shag Bark Drive – Powell for possession of a schedule IV controlled substance

LAWSON, James Ricky age 44 of 567 McDeerman Road – Jacksboro for seatbelt law, violation of the Tennessee financial law, DUI (driving under the influence), possession of schedule VI and III controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia

MOORE, Terry Lee age 58 of 713 South Massachusetts Avenue – La Follette for court ordered to report

MUNSEY, Terry Wayne age 37 of 4347 Hickory Valley Road – Andersonville for violation of probation

NORMAN, Kevin Len age 38 of 318 Loop Road Circle – Caryville for aggravated assault by domestic violence

OSBORNE, Harold Wayne age 22 of 236 Sharp Cemetery Lane – La Follette for driving while suspended and improper display of tags

OSBORNE, Sherry Joan age 45 of 236 Sharp Cemetery Lane – La Follette for criminal simulation

WILLIAMSON, Christopher Lynn age 42 of 197 Camp Ridge Road – La Follette for domestic assault