The countdown toward the June 8 celebration of Woodson’s 100 years in business continues.  As the day draws closer,  stories are being retold by  the many employees of the store.

WLAF spoke with George Hooks, the manager of the La Follette IGA, who spent his first 13 years in the grocery business with Woodson’s.  The LaFollette IGA was once a Woodson owned property.

TOP PHOTO:  There’s one piece of Woodson memorabilia left and George Hooks is standing by it.

Hooks shared one of his funnier stories from the late ‘90s when he witnessed a wedding take place in the back office at the old Woodson’s.  The store manager at the time, Randy Comer, actually conducted the service for Woodson employee Willy Fred Hofstead and his bride.  The 70 something Willy worked all the time, but slowed down long enough to get married for the first time, Hooks said.

Hofstead clocked out for lunch, and Comer performed the ceremony.  After that, Hofstead promptly went right back to work despite Comer’s encouragement to take the rest of the day off.

Hooks said this sign is the last of anything Woodson at the old Woodson’s

The weekly Woodson trivia questions are asked weekly over WLAF radio, television and  Answers will be taken live during the WLAF Trading Post on Fridays from 8 am until 9 am.  Each week’s winner wins a prize from a Woodson Mall merchant, a limited edition Woodson koozie and a Woodson’s key ring/bottle opener.

Rob Woodson is compiling a list of all the people who worked at Woodson’s over the past 100 years.  But he needs your help.  If you worked at Woodson’s, please call 423.562.1234 and make sure your name is on the list.

There’ll be plenty of fun and surprises at the 100 year celebration.  Honoring and remembering past employees at the Saturday, June 8 event are just some of what will take place.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/28/2019-6AM)