A Jacksboro woman fails to heed warning.

Campbell County Deputy John Minor stopped Tammy Ashley Lyn Hillard on March 19 at approximately 11:45 pm. During the stop, she allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana, and also admitted there was marijuana inside the car that belong to the other person in the vehicle. Minor checked Hillard for possible impairment but due to her honesty he cited her and gave instruction for her to not be driving again, because her impairment level would most likely rise. He continued that if she got back out on the road, not only could it be dangerous, she would risk getting a DUI. She allegedly said  she was going straight home to her nine-month-old child and wouldn’t be  operating a vehicle again, according to the report.

About 45 minutes later, Minor was stopped at Woodson’s Gas Station buying items and saw Hillard. He asked her if she had driven, and she said  she did drive, but it was her boyfriend’s car this time. Minor escorted the woman back to her vehicle where none of her passengers had a valid driver’s license. At this point, Hillard allegedly said she was sorry for driving and if Minor would give her a second chance, she would drive straight home.

Minor gave the woman field sobriety tests. Due to her own admission to smoking marijuana less than an hour and a half prior to the second run in and admitting to driving again, she was arrested.

Hillard, 22, 105 Riverside Drive, Jacksboro was charged with driving under the influence (DUI). (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/29/2019-6AM)