On Saturday, April 6, 2019, a LaFollette Housing Authority (LHA) resident was the victim of a home invasion.    LHA Executive Director John Snodderly sat down with LaFollette Police Department’s Chief Roehl and other LPD officers early Monday morning to express concern for not only LHA residents, but for all LaFollette citizens. This matter has been turned over to LaFollette Police Department personnel who are following all leads and working diligently to apprehend the perpetrator. Since this is an ongoing police investigation, LHA has no further information or comment at this time.

Mr. Snodderly strongly encourages all LaFollette residents to be mindful of their surroundings, keep home and vehicle doors locked, and refuse to let anyone come into their homes unless they know the person well.

Chief Roehl calls Saturday’s home invasion “certainly an unfortunate situation, and we intend to follow up to the fullest.”  He adds that what evidence LPD investigators could gather from the scene has been sent to the TBI Lab for further analysis.

“We want our citizens to feel safe and secure in their homes,” said Roehl.  The chief and officers will conduct a safety meeting with LHA residents on Wednesday at 10 am at the main LHA office.

Chief Roehl wants the public to know that LPD offers a safety survey to anyone and their home.  Citizens who would like an officer to come out and perform a survey just needs to call us Roehl said.  The number is 423.562.8331.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/08/2019-1PM)