Last April’s raid of the Pop Shop concluded this morning in Campbell County Criminal Court.     The three players charged in the matter appeared today before Judge E. Shayne Sexton at Jacksboro a week shy of the raid.

Joe Bolinger, Jennifer Brown and Jimmie Ivey all faced multiple charges surrounding misuse of food stamps.  All three were charged with criminal conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud.  All three accepted plea agreements.  Read details HERE.

Bolinger agreed to judicial diversion, unsupervised probation of one year and a $500 fine.

Brown has unsupervised probation of 11-months and 29 days and paid a fine of $500.

Ivey received judicial diversion, unsupervised probation for one year and monetary obligations of $5,250.

The Pop Shop’s business philosophy was to buy soft drinks from individuals who had purchased them with food stamps and resell the drinks at a dramatically lower price than you would pay at any other store.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/08/2019-3PM-PHOTO COURTESY OF WLAF’S LINDSEY HUTSON)

9 Replies to “Pop Shop gang will not serve time”

  1. How nice, more criminals getting off with a pat on the back! Had it been anyone else, they would be seeing jail time!
    THERE IS NO JUSTICE SYSTEM IN CAMPBELL COUNTY! Unless of course you have a known name!

  2. It’s a shame someone can steal from taxpayers, and nothing done to them. Typical Campbell County, certain people can get away with anything I wonder how many more Campbell county people have gotten rich from ill gotten gain

  3. I said it all along!!!! None of them would serve time!! Damn disgrace! Is food stamp fraud not a federal offense??? They should go to federal court as well! “Good ole boy” justice in Campbell County once again!😡😠

  4. How is this “justice” for these individuals? These ppl committed a crime & their punishment, NOTHING. Such a shame. Once upon a time, I was proud to say I lived in Campbell County but not anymore. Now I tell ppl when asked where I live I say “north of here” or “just down the road.”

  5. It’s funny to me how this was done right when the sheriff race was going on. I bet this is what got all the votes for who we have now. But just like always a slap on the wrist

  6. Do they get to re-open another business?? Excuse me, did i read one year unsupervised probation for how many felonies and did they get any jail time ?? We wont even discuss the drug addicts they caused by their easy money. Did anyone OD. Who knows right?? Did they cause any traffic accidents from one’s imtoxicated ? Again good chance. ! I CANT believe what im reading living in a close by different county and dont understand why they see this as ok to announce. They should ne embarrassed and ashamed !! God only knows how their abuse to US tax paying people hit right at home with relation and in ONE year or less, Right back to it they will be !! Business owner or NOT !! Seems the legal system didnt spend five mins lookin at the whole picture or did they ?

  7. It only took about 11 years with everyone in town knowing how they were defrauding Food Stamps for the Sheriff’s Dept to do anything. Great job as always

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