In October 2018, the town of Caryville sold 20 acres in the Ershell Collins Industrial Park to Mark One South. Last night at the town’s monthly meeting Mayor Bobby Stooksbury said payment for the property had been received.  WATCH the meeting here.   Stooksbury asked the board how it would like to utilize the money. After some discussion it was decided that $105,000 would be put into the town’s rainyday fund. The remaining $29,800 will go into the industrial fund. The first project to be completed utilizing industrial funds will be a $12,134 paving project in the John McGhee Industrial Park. Two driveways leading into businesses in the industrial park are washing out every time it rains. The town is having to go out each time to fix the issues. If the town paves the area, it will alleviate the issue.

Roof repairs are needed on the town hall. The roof cap is leaking and creating some issues for the building. The board discussed the three different quotes they received for the repair. Each quote had a different approach and different price. The board agreed to Brogdon’s $9,426 quote to repair the issue.

Second reading of Ordinance 2019-01 to amend Title 8 of the Town of the Caryville Municipal Code Book was held. The ordinance allows for beer to be sold starting at 10 am on Sunday, instead of noon. Ordinance 2019-02 amending the annual operating budget for fiscal year 2018-19 was completed. The amendment added a line item of professional services to the budget, this is just housekeeping said Stooksbury.

Alderman Lloyd Lawson reminded everyone that April is clean up month in the town. Citizens can call the town hall for pickup. Items will be picked up Wed. through Fri., tires, oil and chemicals will not be picked up. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/09/2019-6AM)