The jury is still out on who had the most fun Wednesday at the Ball Farm during Valley View Elementary School’s Kindergarten Field Trip.  VVES Principal Jason Dotson and student Landon Maiden are running neck and neck on the fun’o -meter.

TOP PHOTO:  Hutson Carta shows off his catch

Members of the CCHS Fishing Team came out to drag a line and help the little ones – (L) Senior Zack Long and David Wiseman, a Junior.

Sixty, give or take, youngsters made memories, forgot about school for a while and played the morning away representing Christy Allen, Mary Ann Ayers and Brittany Vann’s classes.  Fun came in the form of fishing, hunting Easter eggs and jumping on inflatables.  Yes, it was all that and a bag of chips along with lunch.  See more photos HERE.

Grandma (L) and mom (R) watch Owen Bradfield find another egg

Dotson called it “an awesome, awesome trip and not too far from campus.”  He went on to say that the students have worked so hard all year, and this is a real positive event.

“Are you going to catch a big one?”  Principal Jason Dotson (R) asked and student Landon Maiden answered, “Yes!”

The verdict is in.  It was indeed a good time had by hall.  And hats off to the folks at the Ball Farm.  (WLAF NEWS -PUBLISHED 04/18/2019-6AM)

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  1. This was a great event. Seeing students and parents and teachers making memories was priceless. There are great things happening at valley view and it’s showing day after day. Thanks to the BALL Family for allowing our students to experience all this and so close to home.

    Jeff Miller

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