Last May, WLAF, with the help of Hammrtech, launched our new website with 1 million views occurring quickly.    As the months have passed, that number has continued to climb. Each week, WLAF hears from new readers thanking us for our up to the minute coverage of local news.

A recent check of statistics has shown that WLAF receives more than 110,000 visits a week from people wanting the latest in Campbell County news. As of this morning, WLAF has had a tad more than 4.7 million visits.

The staff at WLAF is excited because it appears that it is on track to have more than 5 million views before the new site’s anniversary on May 21. We will keep you posted and thank you to all of you who turn to us for your local news.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/22/2019-6AM)