The call to police of a suspected shoplifter from the Murphy gas station clerk was only the beginning of troubles for a couple of Campbell County women.

Sgt. Monty Miller responded to the call around 12:30 am Saturday morning, according to reports from the La Follette Police Department. Once inside Murphy’s, the sergeant talked to the woman the clerk said she saw slip unpaid store items into her purse.

When asked, 40-year- old Ann Massengill of Goins Lake Lane in La Follette, admitted to taking items and produced four unopened phone charging items from her purse, based on the report.  Four syringes in Massengill’s purse caught Miller’s eye to which Massengill said “an acquaintance was a diabetic.”

Massengill admitted to driving the car that was parked outside the gas station, and the sergeant learned, after running her driver’s license, that her license was on revoked status for DUI with four prior driving on revoked offenses.  Miller also discovered  Massengill was listed on habitual motor vehicle offense status.

LPD Det. Charles Duff soon arrived and went over to Massengill’s car to speak with the passenger.  According to the report, Duff asked the young woman to roll down her window, and as she did, Duff smelled the strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the car.  Cassie Miller, 19, of Bullock Lane in La Follette admitted she had been smoking marijuana.

Sgt. Miller brought Massengill out of the store and asked Miller step out of the car.  He asked Miller if she had anything illegal on her, and she said yes, and began pulling pills, she claimed were suboxone, and a couple of corner baggies containing what Duff believed was meth, out of her pocket.

Miller and  Duff located several other items inside the 2010 silver Ford Focus.  More marijuana was found along with another item field tested to be heroine.  A set of scales along with other items were also reported to be in the car.

Massengill faces multiple drug charges in addition to the shoplifting charge and being a habitual motor vehicle offender.  Miller’s charges are all drug related including possession of marijuana and a schedule III controlled substance.

The pair is due in court on Thursday.  Each remains housed in the county jail this morning; Massengill on a $60,000 bond and Miller on a $35,000 bond, according to jail records.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/23/2019-6AM)