On a near perfect day, the 2019 Farmers Market opened in the big parking lot across from Doyle’s Tire Shop.    Four vendors opened the season with the promise of two more vendor additions over the next couple of Saturdays.  Organizer Megan Colley said the new vendors will feature homemade baked goods and homemade wind chimes.  Vendor applications are available at the market.

TOP PHOTO:  Farmer John Griffith sold out of honey right away and offers cucumbers, onions and corn.

Don and Blendia Brown are at the Farmers Market for a second season.

The Farmers Market runs through Saturday, October 5.  Its hours are 8 am until 2 pm.

Back for a fourth year is Cindy Weaver who makes salves

The Browns, avid gardeners, featured aloe vera plants and tomato cages on Saturday.

Megan Colley, a Farmers Market veteran, offers homemade soaps and handknitted children’s caps.

Cindy and Farmer John are also open on the same site on Wednesdays from 8 am until the crowd goes away, generally around 2 or 3 pm.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/29/2019-6AM)