In the final business of the evening at Monday’s City of LaFollette Workshop, Councilmember Ann Thompson questioned whether there was a quorum at last month’s council meeting in April.    She and Councilman Mark Hoskins were absent, leaving Councilman Lonnie “Hotrod” Wilson, Councilman Bill Archer and Mayor Mike Stanfield in attendance. City of LaFollette Administrator Jeffries said he and City Recorder Stan Foust would call MTAS on Tuesday morning to have the quorum question answered.

Jeffries told WLAF News on Tuesday that the question was submitted and an answer is expected next week from MTAS.  MTAS is the Municipal Technical Advisory Service which serves city governments within the state of Tennessee.

Click HERE to read the story from the April 2, 2019, City of LaFollette published by WLAF.  Click HERE to watch the April 2 meeting.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/01/2019-6AM)

One Reply to “No answer yet to legality of LaFollette’s April meeting”

  1. Well, if there is a requirement for a quorum, and a quorum was not present, then the requirement was violated. An honest person could answer that without dithering. Now, if a quorum was not present, then the only real question is what to do about it. Firing squad? The guillotine? Invalidate all business conducted? I’m sure there’s a lawful penalty.

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