Members, former members and guests will celebrate 150 years of history on Sunday at Cedar Creek Baptist Church. The celebration begins at 11 am at the church that sits beside Cedar Creek Road not far from Norris Lake.  TOP PHOTO:  A photo snapped near the Cedar Creek Baptist ChurchChurch member Gladys Goins shared some of the church and area’s history with WLAF. She said Cedar Creek was a clear stream of water, the source of which was fed by a number of springs. It was surrounded by cedar trees and a tributary of the Powell River.  Some of the early settlers were Miles Shipman, Alvis Roach, John Willoughby, and Jimmy Wright.

Cedar Creek Baptist Church 2019

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The first church was built in 1869 and also served as a school. Jimmy Wright was the teacher at the church school before a two-room school house was built.  TVA bought the school in 1935.

Goins has a list of most all the church pastors dating back to 1939. J.L. Douglas tops the list of names that ends with current church pastor, Tim Dupuy.  Dupuy has been the pastor at Cedar Creek Baptist Church since 2015.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/03/2019-9AM-PHOTOS SUBMITTED BY GLADYS GOINS AND DAVID GRAHAM)