Gene Stevens (L) and J.C. Miller (R) at Thursday night’s Town of Jacksboro meeting

At the Town of Jacksboro regular monthly meeting are Shayne Green (L)  and Jerri Starrett (R).

Last night, Jerri Starrett and Gene Stevens were sworn in as aldermen for the Town of Jacksboro.Their first meeting was accomplished in less than 10 minutes. Aldermen JC Miller was appointed as vice mayor and appointed to the planning commission. Mayor June Forstner pointed out that Miller has served as mayor twice previously and was very well qualified for the positions.

The town has been experiencing air conditioning issues recently, last month Forstner said the main office was having issues and requested permission to get quotes for repair or replacement. Tonight, Forstner told the board that the library had experienced some air conditioning issues recently, but they were repaired. However, the street and police department now have air conditioning issues in their offices. The board gave Forstner permission to get quotes for repairing or replacing the unit.

Yearly, the town makes a financial contribution to the Jacksboro Cemetery. The board agreed to release this year’s $1,500 contribution.

Miller praised the fire department for how well they handled a recent apartment fire, saying “they did a fantastic job”. Jason Paulauska was hired as a full-time fireman, he was previously working as an auxiliary fireman.

Approval of a bid from G&W Diesel for gear in the amount of $4,738 was approved. The fire department was given permission to buy two impact guns and portable lights in the amount of $594.68. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/03/2019-9AM)