Non-working tag lights led police to drugs inside a truck in the wee hours of Monday morning.  Caryville Police Officer Daniel Garrett stopped a black Ford F-150 pick-up truck at 2:06 am this morning for a registration violation.  The truck was headed toward Jacksboro on the four lane near the Dog Creek Lane turn off.Once the driver, 53-year old Troy Lawson of Rocky Top, and his passengers, 36-year old Dustyn McNelley of La Follette and  23-year old Matthew Pressnell of Jacksboro stepped out of the truck, Officer Garrett noticed that all three appeared to be nervous.

According to the report, Lawson said “he did not know McNelley and Pressnell and was just giving them a ride home.”  Garrett saw Pressnell lay a bag of candy on the dash of the truck as he stepped out of the vehicle.

As the officer searched the truck, he found a set of digital scales, a baggie containing what’s believed to be crack cocaine and suspected crystal meth.  The meth was in the aforementioned candy bag based on the officer’s report.  Garrett outlined in his report that all three supects had conflicting stories denying ownership of the drugs.  All three men were transported to the Campbell County Jail.

Jacksboro Police Officer Savannah Allen and Campbell County Deputy Zack Daugherty assisted Garrett in the case.

At this hour, Presnell has been booked into the jail while jailers are awaiting fingerprints on Lawson.  McNelley was quick booked, according to one jail official.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/06/2019-8:30AM)