A BOLO (be on the lookout) was recently issued for a Nissan Altima in regard to a suspected impaired driver. Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy John Minor saw a vehicle matching the description and verified the tag number to match the BOLO.    During this time, he noticed the driver of the vehicle, Roger Jonah Marlowe swerve several times inside the lane as well as crossing the fog line several times, according to the report from the sheriff’s department.

When Minor stopped the vehicle in the parking lot of a bank and talked with Marlowe, he allegedly said he was coming back from Georgia where he had traveled to get his prescription medication filled.

Minor noticed Marlowe allegedly  had pin point pupils, blood shot eyes, drooping eyelids almost closed and his speech was slurred. While Minor was talking with him, he nodded out a couple of times and when asked why he was nodding out, he allegedly responded that he was just tired. He was also swaying back and forth during this time.

Marlowe, 42, 2938 Cedar Creek Road, LaFollette is charged with driver’s failure to exercise due care, driving under influence (DUI) and violation implied consent law.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/09/2019-6AM)