Judge Conrad Troutman no longer wears a judge’s robe.  It’s been almost 15 years since he last sat on the bench of circuit court.  But his sense of humor is still intact.     It was only fitting at Friday’s portrait unveiling at the Campbell County Courthouse that the man who served as judge of the circuit court for 30 years receive a proper introduction.  Criminal Court Clerk Bobby Vann did just that.  “All rise.  The Honorable Judge Conrad Troutman is entering the courtroom,” Vann said.  In a much quieter tone, Vann asked, “Are you ready to take the bench?”  Troutman shot back quietly, “Like heck.”

TOP PHOTO:  When the exchange between Vann (L) and Troutman took place.

Reid Troutman, one of Conrad’s five sons, addressed the full lower level courtroom on behalf of his father and family.  He thanked the Campbell County Bar Association for the day’s ceremony honoring his father.  “We always thought dad was a special guy,”Reid said.   He then became emotional as he fought back tears to say that the portrait to be unveiled was done by his late brother Scott.  Reid said the family always referenced Scott as “the talent.”  Scott, who passed away last August, painted the portrait in the late 1990’s.

Reid Troutman (L) and his mother, Sue Troutman, (R) unveil the portrait of Judge Conrad Troutman to a standing ovation.

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