Caryville Fire Chief Eddie Hatmaker was honored at last night’s town of Caryville monthly meeting.  See the entire meeting on demand HERE.

Mayor Bobby Stooksbury presented James Eddie Hatmaker, II, with a plaque honoring his 45 years of service with the fire department. Stooksbury said the plaque honored Hatmaker’s service and comfort.  “Nobody knows service any more than this man right here.  Comfort means it’s a comforting thought knowing that he’s here. I know it is for me,” the mayor said.  Hatmaker and Stooksbury started out in the fire department on the same day, 45 years ago, in 1974.  “My first thought when my (fire department) pager goes off is is Eddie working today?” Stooksbury  closed by saying  that nobody deserves to be honored more than Hatmaker does.

TOP PHOTO:  Caryville Fire Chief Eddie Hatmaker (L) is recognized for 45 years of service.  Caryville Mayor Bobby Stooksbury presents the veteran firefighter with the plaque.

The town will be advertising for quotes on two projects they need to complete. The administrative office and town recorders desktop computers have not been upgraded since 2014 and are starting to run slow. The town received two quotes, Hammrtech quoted a 4gb upgrade at $273 while Computer Care quoted an 8gb upgrade at $478. Alderman Vickie Heatherly questioned why the quotes were for different gigabytes. She requested the town get new quotes for the same number of gigabytes, the board was in agreement and the matter was tabled until next month when they can get comparable quotes. The next project is the library ceiling that has become discolored from previous leaks. The board agreed to advertise for quotes for the repairs.

Irtec will be paid $1,487.50 for survey work on the planned new park on the old Caryville School playground site.

Librarian Logan Birdsong requested the board consider contributing to the Imagination Library. Birdsong said each book costs about $1 and there are approximately 200 children in Caryville that receive books. The board agreed to address the donation in upcoming budget workshops.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/14/2019-6AM)