A sheep, rooster and rabbit stole the show at Thursday’s STEM Night at Jacksboro Elementary School.  And of course, Beary Healthy ran a close fourth.

TOP PHOTO:  Third grader Braxton Fox visits with Sheila the sheep    It was a farm themed STEM Night with the unveiling of the school’s new Nature Lab.  There were multiple STEM activities inside the school, but outdoors under the late afternoon sunshine at the Nature Lab is where a different kind of learning was taking place.

Kendell Bowman gets a hug from Beary Healthy.  Kendell is in second grade.

The Payne Twins, Kaylee (L) and Isabel, made their first stop a photo opp.

Jadeyn Blue holds a Wyandotte Rooster

Rabbits were gettin’ some pettin’.

Teachers Tina Johnson (L) and Martha Freeman meet Beary Healthy

The annual event ran from 5 pm until 7 pm, and in closing, over the school’s public address, Jacksboro Elementary School Principal Steven Sampieri thanked everyone for attending saying everyone had a blast.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/17/2019-6AM)