LAFOLLETTE, TN  (WLAF) – “I was the first bag girl at Woodson’s,” a proud Dawn Byrge exclaimed when talk turned to Woodson’s 100th anniversary celebration the other day.    TOP PHOTO:  She was Dawn Chadwell in her days at Woodson’s Super Market (now the IGA)

She’s the wife of Larry Byrge and operates Byrge Screen Printing these days, but she said her very first job after graduating from Campbell County High School was in 1977 at Woodson’s.

“It was a time when we bagged the groceries and then walked the customer to their car and helped load,” said Dawn Chadwell Byrge.    “Mrs. Woodson taught us how to bag groceries; don’t pack too heavy, don’t throw stuff in and make sure you bag the perishables and the cleaning supplies in separate bags,” she said.

Breaks for bag girls and boys lasted 15 minutes.  That was time enough to run down to the Globe Drug Store Fountain.

She recalls that on Wednesdays she would help re-do the poster board specials that went in the front windows of the store.

Share your Woodson stories with us, and if you worked at Woodson’s make sure you call 423.562.1234 to have your name placed on the big banner that will be displayed on celebration day.  Everyone is invited to Woodson’s 100-year celebration on Saturday, June 8, noon until 3 pm at Woodson Mall – Food City Center.  WLAF presents live radio and television coverage.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/23/2019-6AM)