VASPER, TN  (WLAF) – A Lake City man was allegedly driving around smoking marijuana, when Deputy John Minor caught wind of him.

Minor was traveling on Lake Road in Caryville when he passed a vehicle operated by a man later identified as Steven Patrick Hill. According to a report from the Sherriff’s Department, Minor smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle when he passed it. He turned around and began to follow the vehicle, when he saw it park by Norris Lake, and Hill got out. Minor, in an attempt to verify the smell, stopped and asked the man how his day was going. At this point, Hill allegedly said he was driving around smoking a joint. Minor asked if there was anyone else in the vehicle and he said no, and that Minor could search the vehicle.

When asked his name, Hill said his name was Copper Whitaker and gave his birthdate, according to the report. Minor attempted to verify the man’s identification but was unable to do so. A female inside the vehicle told Minor the man’s name was Patrick, at this point he said that his middle name was Patrick. Minor asked for his social security number, and three times the man gave different numbers.

Minor called the jail and requested a photo of anyone who had been booked by the name the man gave since he had stated he had been arrested several times at the jail. The jail was unable to find the name he had given. Eventually, the man gave Minor his real name and allegedly said he had warrants in Campbell, Anderson and Knox counties.

Hill, 39, 314 Sharp Drive, Lake City is charged with criminal impersonation, driving under influence (DUI), driving while revoked, violation of probation (criminal court) and hold for another agency.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/24/2019-6AM)