LAFOLLETTE, TN  (WLAF) – Three people were pronounced dead at the scene of an early Sunday afternoon ATV crash, according to one Campbell County official.     The call of an ATV over a very steep embankment at Stony Fork came in to E-911 Dispatch today at 1:18 pm.  Reports are that a side-by-side carrying four people left a roadway and ended up in a creek about a hundred feet down the embankment.  Due to the rugged terrain, First Responders were not able to get down to the accident victims until just after 2:30 pm Sunday afternoon.  The surviving member of the foursome, thought to be a 13-year old boy, was flown by a med chopper to a Knoxville hospital.

Not long after the ATV accident, a Jacksboro Police officer was flown by a medical helicopter to a Knoxville hospital.  It was first reported by one law enforcement officer that the officer was suffering from a heart attack.  As of 6 pm Sunday, the officer was said to be doing well.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/26/2019-6PM)

LAFOLLETTE, TN  (WLAF) – Three med-choppers are working here in Campbell County at this hour.  A unit is on the landing pad at the La Follette Medical Center getting ready to transport a patient suffering from double-pneumonia.  Another chopper is taking a Jacksboro Police Officer to a Knoxville hospital suffering from a heart attack, according to one law enforcement official.  The third med chopper, and possibly a fourth helicopter to be called in, has just landed at Stony Fork.Reports coming in to WLAF are that four people on a side-by-side ATV wrecked and careened down about a 100-foot embankment into a creek at Stony Fork.  That call came in at 1:18 pm, and due to the rugged terrain, First Responders were not able to get down to the accident victims until just after 2:30 pm.  On official said that two of the people on the ATV were pronounced dead at the scene.  The other two who were in the ATV are being treated with both likely to be flown to a Knoxville hospital.  (WLAF NEWS  PUBLISHED – 05/26/2019-2:55PM)

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  1. Were they local People Are People just visiting the area? Prayers for everyone

  2. Prayers for everyone and the families. Thanks to all who tried to assist.

  3. Prayers for all. Apparently they some of them are related to my cousin.

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