LAFOLLETTE, TN  (WLAF) – At last night’s City of LaFollette workshop, the fire department’s medical runs were a hot topic.

Concerns have been raised about running medical calls with the fire trucks. Fire Chief Charles Eldridge addressed the concern with the council. Eldridge told council that sometimes it’s a” have to case” referring to taking the fire trucks on medical calls. Eldridge explained that in cases where first responders are doing CPR until the ambulance arrives, the first responders need the extra hands from the fire truck to switch out with during CPR.  “There have been a few occasions where the truck went, and it didn’t need to,” Eldridge continued.

Councilman Lonnie “Hot Rod” Wilson said  the fire department had gone on 139 medical calls this month.  “I think the issue here is that we are overusing the fire trucks,” added Wilson.  After some discussion among the council and Eldridge, it was decided that the fire department would send out one truck on a medical call, and they will decide if more units are needed or not.

Wilson told council that the fire department has an ‘80s model fire truck that the White Oak Fire Department would like to have to use for parts. Mayor Mike Stanfield did not appear to be in favor of giving the department the truck. Eldridge said that the fire department had tried to sell the truck and even tried to give it to the county, but no one wanted it. The council will decide at next month’s regular meeting what to do with the truck.

Rocky Patel spoke to council about the 500 foot distance from churches and schools required for beer sales. He operates the Zoyal Market which is located between LaFollette Middle School and One Love Church. Patel wants the council to reduce the required distance from the churches.

Councilman Bill Archer asked City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries for an update on the investigation into the hidden tape recorder that was found under a table in City Hall back in February.  Reports coming in to WLAF, at the time of the discovery, were that the tape recorder was secured up under a table, and it fell from the bottom of the table during a prayer gathering and that the case was turned over to the TBI.  Councilman Ann Thompson said she had not been interviewed, due to scheduling issues.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/29/2019-6AM)