LAFOLLETTE, TN  (WLAF) – La Follette Utilities (LUB) is conducting leak tests today in the sanitary sewer system by blowing smoke into the main lines in a couple of La Follette neighborhoods.

Units with the La Follette Fire Department were called to a home on Jane Way Lane this morning with a report of smoke in the home.  It was discovered that it was smoke from LUB’s smoke test.

TOP PHOTO:  LUB conducting smoke tests  The testing takes place May 30 in the Vemore Estates and Jane Way Lane areas.  This smoke is a special non-toxic, non-staining smoke, and it is almost odorless.  It is not harmful to people, pets, plants or furnishings.  If smoke should enters a home, it is an indication of a problem with the plumbing.  Should this be the case, LUB advises people to have the plumbing inspected as soon as possible.  For more information call Joe Farmer at 423.907.1026.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/30/2019-6AM)