CARYVILLE, TN  (WLAF) – Caryville Police Officer Daniel Garrett had another busy weekend.  Saturday evening, just after 7 pm, Garrett answered a call to the Red Roof Inn on McGhee Boulevard.  The complaint was that a shirtless man had crawled through a window and into a locked  private building of the Inn’s, and he was carrying what appeared to be a pipe.  Garrett, who ordered the man to exit the structure, discovered the man was 27-year old Cody Webb, and he had an extension to a vacuum cleaner hose. Webb told Garrett, according to the report, that he was getting the extension out of the building.  Officials with the Red Roof Inn told Garrett that Webb did not have permission to be in the buiding.  Garrett wrote in his report that Webb had two outstanding warrants and placed him under arrest.

Officer Garrett made a traffic stop on Saturday morning soon after 2 am where Dog Creek Lane meets the four lane.  According to the report, the driver of the Honda Accord told Garrett that he had a small amount of marijuana inside the car.  Garrett had all four of the occupants in the car to step out of the vehicle.  Jacksboro Police Officer SaVannah Allen assisted Garrett and located a bag of white pills on 42-year old Ida Kay Crabtree as the officers searched the four occupants.  It was learned that the white pills were by prescription only.

The pot that was mentioned was also found by police.  Another plastic bag, this one with its corners cut out, was found along with a set of digital scales.  It was reported that the scales and the second bag belonged to Crabtree.  Garrett explained that there appeared to be meth residue on the bag with the cut out corners.

Crabtree was arrested and taken to the Campbell County Jail.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/03/2019-8:30AM)