LAFOLLETTE, TN., (WLAF) – As Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy John Minor approached a home on Sealander’s Lane on Sunday, he could hear a man, later identified as Danny Wilson, and a female yelling at each other. Before the evening was over, there was more yelling and an admission of heavy drinking.
When Minor spoke to the female she alleged Wilson had thrown her through a closet and onto the ground and then through the bathroom and onto the ground. Minor noted in his report the victim had an abrasion on the back of her left arm that was starting to turn bluish in color, according to a report from the sheriff’s department.
Wilson was in the bedroom with the door closed and refused to come out for several minutes. When Wilson finally came into the living room, he allegedly began yelling at the victim and she began yelling back. Minor said in his report he told “both to shut up because they were acting like children.”
“I didn’t hit my wife, I pushed her because she drives me nuts,” Wilson told police.
“I may have pushed her too hard,” he later admitted. As police investigated the situation, it appeared that alcohol was a factor. Wilson told police the couple had been drinking Bud Light, Yager, Tequila and Vodka.
Wilson, 55, 121 Sealanders Lane, LaFollette is charged with domestic assault. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 06/19/2019-6 AM)