LAFOLETTE, TN., (WLAF) -Andrew O’Dell is the criminal featured on Crime Stoppers this week.

Butler, who has 14 book ins at the county jail dating back to 2011, is wanted for violating his probation for the third time. O’Dell violated his probation by not taking a drug screen, according to court records.
He was placed on seven years probation for aggravated assault and kidnapping. This is not his only charge; O’Dell also multiple narcotics crimes and possession of a firearm in his past.
He weighs 185 lbs. and is 5’8 with brown hair and blue eyes.
Through Crime Stoppers, the community can call the CCSO at 562-7446 if they see the person.
“Please do not approach anyone you see on Crime Stoppers,” said Campbell County Sherriff Robbie Goins. “Call the sheriff’s department and report where they are. We don’t want anyone to try to apprehend these people, just tell us where they are if you see them.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 06/19/2019-6 AM)

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  1. Okay here we are giving probation to yet another one . It’s as if you people believed he would do it. What a joke .Book him in again then let him walk away..!!

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