Brown, Timothy Wayne age 55 of 317 West Kentucky Avenue – La Follette for assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication (PI), resisting arrest and criminal trespassing.

Elkins, Brett age 19 of 3211 Demory Road – La Follette for theft of property under $999.99 and burglary.

Hopson, Misty Leann age 38 of 132 Brook Place Lane Apartment 6 – La Follette for burglary and criminal trespassing.

Mason, Tasha Nicole age 31 (homeless) of TN for attachment child support.

Rasnick, Tamara Lynn age 47 of 173 West Catula Lane – Duff for falsifying drug screen.

Redford, Joshua Jared age 29 of 1923 Everett Road – Knoxville for 2nd offense probation violation.

Saylor, Emory Wayne age 51 of 149 Cumberland Overlook Lane – Jacksboro for domestic assault.

Wallace, Jesse E. age 24 of 109 Pleasant Ridge Road – Jacksboro for driving under the influence (DUI), vehicular assault, evading arrest in motor vehicle, driver’s to exercise due care and failure to maintain lane.

Workman, Treva Diane age 59 of 246 Clear Lake Drive – Jacksboro for theft of property under $999.99, possession of a schedule V controlled substance and introduction of contraband into a penal facility.