LAFOLLETTE, TN., (WLAF)- On Sept. 23, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Courtney Charles answered a call about a female wanting her son removed from the home.
When Charles arrived at the home on Childs Lane, he saw Mark Wilhoit. He and his mother had been fighting, Wilhoit said.

During this time Charles noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from Wilhoit. He had knocked the lid to the trash can over and it scared his mother was the story Wilhoit told the officer. He said his mother then started yelling at him because she is “jumpy to loud noises.” He continued that since his dad shot himself his mother can’t stand loud noises, according to a report from the sherriff’s Department. Wilhoit said he continued to yell at her.
When Charles spoke with the female, she agreed the argument was over her making such a loud noise knowing she doesn’t like loud noises.
She then told the officer Wilhoit made threats he was going to kill her. Her son allegedly told her “You are going to die a slow and painful death and I’m going to watch.” She told Charles that he continued getting in her face and yelling at her, calling her names, and threatening her. When ask if she was afraid of Wilhoit, the female said she was afraid the situation would escalate when Charles left the home.
During this time, Cpl. Tackett arrived at the home and the victim showed her where there was paint spilled in the hallway of the home, the pair noticed that Wilhoit’s bedroom had paint all over it, along with several broken items that appeared to be thrown or smashed.
Wilhoit, 54, 209 Childs Lane, LaFollette is charged with domestic assault. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 9/30/19 6AM)