Albright, Christopher, age 41 of 127 Garden Lane, LaFollette, TN for driving while revoked.

Campbell, Gary age 58 of 361 Jacksboro Station Rd, Jacksboro, TN for DUI (3rd offense), possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of the light law, following too closely, impeding the flow of traffic and violation of the Tennessee financial law.

Carmley, April, age 24 of 198 Water Street, Jacksboro TN for failure to pay court costs

Chambers, Michelle, age 28 of 912 East Central Avenue, LaFollette, TN for indecent exposure and evading arrest.

Coleman, Devin, age 43 of Route 6, Clinton, TN for violation of probation.

Curnutt, William, age 54 of 224 Tacket Loop, Caryville TN for domestic assault.

Goins, Samantha, age 22 of 1670 Towe String Road, Jacksboro, TN for driving while suspended and violation of the Tennessee financial law.

Goodpaster, Tiffany, age 27 1167 North Hwy 27, Whitley, KY on hold for Knox County.

Housley, Donna, age 62 of 411 West Walden Street, LaFollette, TN for possession of schedule II.

Oaks, Johnny, age 23 of 510 South 7th Street, LaFollette, TN for two counts of aggravated assault, public intoxication, possessing a firearm in commission of a felony and unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.

Steakley, Amanda, age 41 of 228 Midway Circle, Jacksboro, TN for illegal possession of a credit card, fraudulent use of a credit/debit card and theft of property of under $1,000.00.

Trippensee, Robert Tyler, age 23 of Pioneer, TN for auto burglary, resisting arrest, and vandalism over $1,000.00.