JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Meeting in front of a nearly empty courtroom on a snowy Tuesday night, the Campbell County Board of Education may have set a record for brevity, completing their business and adjourning after less than ten minutes.

With Director Jennifer Fields unable to attend, along with both board members from Jellico as well as state board representative Faye Heatherly, the board had precious little business to keep them longer.

Chairman Brent Lester called the meeting to order and moved quickly through approval of minutes and the consent agenda to the financial reports, which was the reason the meeting was necessary at all.

Five budget amendments needed approval before the county commission meets next Monday in order to move forward with changes in the Differential Pay Plan that require an additional $36,077 transferal from the school fund balance, another transfer of $36,000 from state education funding for vocational ed equipment and another $36,821 from federal funding to extend the Gear Up summer program.

Another amendment transferred $90,000 from one federal program to another to cover instructional supplies and materials while the largest amendment transferred $165,105 to the school central cafeteria fund to purchase needed equipment for several schools.

Faye Comer handed out copies of the annual audit for individual school activity funds and reported that auditors only listed one finding – failure to segregate duties. That finding is common to most school systems where only one bookkeeper is responsible for both handling money and preparing reports, and has also been cited in the past in many courthouse fee offices.

After the financial reports and actions, there were no other items needing action or discussion, so board members wished everyone Christmas greetings and adjourned.   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/12/2019-6AM)