TOP PHOTO:  Campbell County EMA Director Jay  Muncy shares a long look at the single-point entry to the courthouse.
County Mayor E.L. Morton, Sheriff’s Deputy and Litter Control Officer Glennis Monday and County Commissioner Scottie Kitts practicing social distancing while explaining the new drop box system at the courthouse. 
By Charlotte Underwood
JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Due to the Coronavirus, the Campbell County Courthouse has switched to a single-point entry system, as well as added document drop boxes for county officials.

The east side entrance (La Follette side closest to Valley Street and the big parking lot ) of the courthouse has been designated as the single-point entry. Once you go through the single-point entry, you will be met by a county official manning the checkpoint. For the last two weeks, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy and Litter Control Officer Glennis Monday has been manning the checkpoint.
Documents can be dropped off in the various drop boxes provided for each county official. If the public needs to speak to a county official, phone numbers are provided and if face-to-face services are needed, the deputy manning the checkpoint will radio the official and see if they are available to come to the front. It is limited to nine or less individuals in the lobby at a time. Everyone is asked to maintain social distance for safety.
“The courthouse is still open for business and seeing to the needs of the public. We have made an effort to reduce contact in order to provide an extra measure of protection for the public and our employees while still providing the services the citizens need,” said County Mayor E.L. Morton.
A drop box system has been set up at the courthouse to cut down on contact during the Coronavirus outbreak.
County Commissioner Scottie Kitts said he wanted to encourage everyone to stay home and practice social distancing during this “crucial time for our county.”
“It’s a good time to break out the board games and the old Atari,” Kitts said.
As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll see each department’s drop box. (PHOTO COURTESY OF EMA DIRECTOR JAY MUNCY)
According to the county mayor and other officials, social distancing and only going out for essential items is recommended to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
“The virus doesn’t move unless we move, so the less people go out right now the better,” Morton said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/03/2020-6AM)