CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – A Lexington, Ky. man was arrested in Caryville on his fourth DUI.  According to the police report, Michael Davis Stewart, 40, was arrested July 14, after officers were dispatched to the Shell gas station, at I-75,  on the report of an intoxicated male driving a silver Acura. After arriving at the gas station, Caryville Police Officer Michael Owens observed Stewart sitting in the car in the parking lot with his foot on the brake. Stewart attempted to “drive very erratically in the parking lot where other customers were located.” Based on the police report, Stewart allegedly drove forward and in reverse a couple of times, slamming his brakes on each time he would change gears. He then pulled out onto John McGhee Blvd. into oncoming traffic and then back into the Shell gas station parking lot. He then pulled into the front of the parking lot at a “high rate of speed, breaking traction and spinning his tires.” Stewart then pulled out of the parking lot, traveling westbound in the east bound lane, before swerving back into his own lane. Caryville Police conducted a traffic stop on Stewart in the parking lot of the Caryville Pawn Shop. Police observed Stewart to be disoriented and to have bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. According to the police report, Stewart was “angry because the Shell gas station tried to charge him $8 for a gallon of cherry tobacco while showing the reporting officer a small 1.2 ounce of tobacco.”

Stewart told police he had “been taking Suboxone.” Police performed a field sobriety test on Stewart and determined him to be under the influence of an intoxicant. Stewart told officers he had been at the gas station waiting on his father and brother. Police made contact with his father via telephone and learned he was in Michigan. According to the police report, Stewart’s father told officers his son had “an extreme addiction to narcotics.” When officers told Stewart that his father was not at the Shell gas station, but was in Michigan, he replied he knew. When officers asked him if he knew where he was, he replied “Michigan.” The Caryville police officer tried to explain to him that he was in Tennessee and not in Michigan and “he became very confused,” according to the report.

Stewart allegedly told officers he had also taken Xanax and Clonazepam prior to being stopped. After checking his driver’s license, officers learned it was suspended and that in March  2019 he had been arrested on his third DUI. Stewart was arrested and charged with fourth offense DUI, violation of the financial responsibility law, and driving on a suspended license.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/17/2020-6AM)