LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputies recently went to serve civil process papers at a home but made an arrest as well.

On July 11,  CC SO Deputies Johnny Green and Johnny Jones were at a home on Green Lane serving the papers  when they noticed several plants on the front porch of the residence. Being unsure if they were marijuana or not, the duo requested help to identify them. During this time, Jones reported the male at the residence stated that the plants were not his and he did not know how they got there, “he figured they belonged to his landlord.”

Sgt. Travis Bostic arrived and counted 25 marijuana plants on the front porch of the home. Bostic asked the man at the residence for his name, and he replied Anthony Wright. He then asked who the plants belonged to, and he again he replied they were not his and he figured they belonged to his landlord. When asked if he knew the plants were there, he responded yes, but did not know how they got there.

A search of the house revealed three small marijuana plants on the window sill in the living room, a Ziploc bag containing a green leafy substance inside a coffee can in cabinet located in the middle room of the house, two empty Ziploc bags with numbers written on them, consistent with drug transactions  with a green residue in them, according to a report from the sheriff’s department. A glass pipe was found inside a drawer in the middle room of the residence, two grinders inside the same cabinet, 37 Ziploc and vacuum sealer bags containing green residue with number written on them, inside a kitchen cabinet, a food saver vacuum sealer on the kitchen counter.

After finding these items, Bostic asked Wright if the plants inside the home belonged to him. He replied they were his, and he had been growing them for two months.

Anthony Leon Wright, 34, 483 Green Lane, LaFollette is charged with felony possession of marijuana, cultivating marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/17/2020-6AM)