TOP PHOTO:  Meet the 2020 Campbell High Homecoming Queen Maddie Brown and the CCHS Attendants: Freshman Attendant Jocelyn Webb, Sophomore Attendant Jody Longmire, Junior Attendant Joanna Morris and senior Attendant Emily Mitchell.
JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – WLAF’s Charlotte Underwood shares her photos from the 2020 Campbell County High School Homecoming HERE.  Connect HERE to see the full homecoming ceremony.

Representing the Freshman class:
Maggie Faulkner, daughter of Jack and Lori Faulkner
Bella Fleming, daughter of Melissa Fleming
Reagan Rutherford, daughter of Robbie Rutherford and Misty Rutherford
Jocelyn Webb, daughter of Andy Webb and Jillian Carroll
Representing the Sophomore class:
Molly Fields, daughter of Kevin and Jennifer Fields
Jody Longmire, daughter of Todd and Stacy Longmire
Abbie Salinas, daughter of the late Stacy Smiddy and the neice of Tony and Holly Claborn
Laney Woodson, daughter of Lee and Kim Woodson
Representing the Junior class:
Gina Isber, daughter of Dr. Jamal and Rime Isber
Joanna Morris, daughter of Joyce Morris
Anna Owens, daughter of Roger Owens and Hope Brackin
Hannah Richardson, daughter of Travis and Connie Richardson
Representing the senior class:
Maddie Brown, daughter of Jason Brown and Jill Morris
Kayleigh Jordan, daughter of Levi Slover and Brandi Jordan
Rainey Laxton, daughter of Scott and Tina Laxton
Emily Mitchell, daughter of Brandon and Amy Williams
2020 class attendants:
Freshman Class Attendant is Jocelyn Webb
Sophomore class attendant is Jody Longmire
Junior Class Attendant is Joanna Morris
Senior Class Attendant is Emily Mitchell
Homecoming Queen is Maddie Brown
(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/19/2020-10AM)