MORLEY, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – Following reports that a black bear was scavenging a human body behind a Campbell County home on Tuesday night, TWRA wildlife officers searched the area and have not located any signs of the presence of a black bear.

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Wildlife officers say while it’s likely that multiple animals had scavenged the victim’s remains, there is no indication that a black bear has been in the area. Officers will also be looking for evidence of a black bear on the victim’s remains from the autopsy findings.

Officers do not believe that the victim was killed by a black bear, however, a trap has been set as a precautionary measure. Additionally, no bear has been caught or observed in the area since the report was made.

The incident remains under investigation by TWRA, TBI and CCSO.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/01/2020-6:30PM)