TOP PHOTO:  This big rig was too big for a Jacksboro street.  Problems occurred as a result.

Travelers on the four lane will have slow downs this morning with the Eagle Market stop light on the fritz.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – On this foggy morning, a fully loaded 18-wheeler flat bed was just too big to squeeze around Paris Nance Road onto Gent Street at Jacksboro.  As a result, a power pole and more were taken out around 2 am.

The flat bed could not cleanly make the turn at this intersection.

Though two lanes, Paris Nance Road is a major thoroughfare, because of its proximity; the stop light on the four lane in Jacksboro.  Town, courthouse and school traffic rely on Nance Road everyday.  For the time being, it is shutdown until what was torn down can be replaced including a power pole.

Crews with LUB have been out for hours this morning working to restore power in Jacksboro.

It is believed that the four lane at the Eagle Market may need to be temporarily closed at some point today as part of the repair process.  The traffic light is out for the time being.

It was many hands on deck in the wee hours of Wednesday for LUB.

LUB crews, Jacksboro Police and other agencies have been out for hours working the mishap.  Traffic will best be served taking old Jacksboro Pike into town or turning at Home Federal Bank to gain access to the center of town.

Working with little light made for a challenging morning for crews from LUB.

Utilities and other services such as internet, television and telephone are out as a result of the accident.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/21/2020-5:30AM)

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