TOP PHOTO:  James Robertson, in David Adkins Building Trades class, working on the pavilion at Valley View Elementary.

ABOVE PHOTO:  Students in CCHS Building Trades class are working on a pavilion at Valley View Elementary School.  (Left to right) Josh Phillips, Caden Bostic, Peyton Ferguson, James Robertson, Trey Hall, Landen Anderson and Gunner Goins.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County High School Building Trades students are constructing a pavilion at Valley View Elementary School over the next few weeks. Once completed it will house four picnic tables. The idea for the pavilion came from school board member Jeffery Miller, who helped spearhead the project that will provide shade and a picnic and party area for the elementary school kids. According to Miller, he plans to approach the same local artist that painted the mural at the playground to do a mural on the gable of the pavilion as well.

A pavilion is being built next to the new play ground at Valley View Elementary School.  CCHS Building Trades students will be working on it over the next few weeks.

“It will be a nice place for the teachers to hold class parties and will provide much needed shade for the new playground,” Miller said.

The project began this week under the direction of building trades instructor David Adkins.  Miller approached Adkins about his students building the pavilion, which should be completed in about a month.  The building trades class had built a similar covered pavilion at the LaFollette Elementary School last year.  “It’s a great project and is giving the high school students some “valuable hands on construction experience, and saving the county money,” Miller said.  As a former building trades student, Miller said he was glad the project was providing a learning opportunity for local high school kids.

CCHS Building Trades students place beams for the new covered pavilion being built at Valley View Elementary School.  (Left to right) Trey Hall (on ladder), Peyton Ferguson, Caden Bostic, Gunner Goins and Landen Anderson.

Building trades classes have completed numerous projects around the county in the past including an addition onto the ambulance service building, as well as the construction of small storage buildings for the county sanitation department.  Projects that can be completed in a semester like the covered pavilion are ideal for the students to build and learn on.

Adkins said his students love getting out in the community to work on these kinds of projects.  “This is what they want to be doing; getting out of the classroom and learning on the construction site,” Adkins said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/26/2020-6AM)