LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “I hope that this individual learns from this arrest and can turn himself around before we see another life wasted to drugs,” said Campbell County Sheriff Robbie Goins after a La Follette juvenile was arrested on drug charges.
The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office executed a narcotics search warrant at the home of a juvenile in LaFollette on Oct. 22.  “Our narcotics unit continues to keep the streets of Campbell County on fire,” said the sheriff.  He said the search warrant executed was obtained following an ongoing investigation in which investigators were alerted to suspected drug activity from a confidential source.
Investigators with the CCSO Narcotics Unit located lots of narcotics at the La Follette home.  The list includes a schedule I controlled substance, believed to be LSD, a schedule III controlled substance, thought to be Heroin, a schedule II controlled substance, presumed to be Methamphetamine and a schedule VI controlled substance, supposedly marijuana and edible marijuana.  Cash totaling $760 was also located during the search of the home.
The juvenile was arrested on the scene on several drug charges surrounding the possession of narcotics for resale.
“This arrest was on a juvenile subject who is clearly headed in the wrong direction in life. This situation is unfortunate and heartbreaking.  Our investigators are going to continue to make it very difficult to sell narcotics in Campbell County, and I commend them for a job well done not only on this case but many that they have come across and many that are currently on their desk,” said Goins.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/02/2020-6AM)