Dad Ryan and Mom Liz join their daughter Alyssa Brown on signing day at CCHS. Sisters Alex (left) and Emma came along for the excitement, too.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell Lady Cougar Alyssa Brown’s game plan is coming together, and it’s her game that’s driving it all.

The slender 5-7 perimeter player signed scholarship papers with Maine Maritime Academy on Wednesday morning in the Commons at Campbell County High School.

You may wonder Maine. Why Maine? Well that’s part of Brown’s game plan. Once the Mariners’ Head Coach Craig Dagen saw Number 12 on film, he called her right away and kept calling her. Yesterday is when Brown answered by signing scholarship papers with the NCAA Division III school.

Well, that was the basketball part of Brown’s game plan. The other part is her career path; Oceanography. “It’s (the school) right on the water, and Oceanography is going to be my major,” said the CCHS Senior.

Alyssa Brown plans to add some weight to her slim 5-7 frame before she begins playing college ball.

“This is a day she’s looked forward to and worked really hard for it. She’ll make a great teammate,” said Brown’s high school coach Brad Honeycutt. Coach ‘Cutt’s been watching Brown since 5th grade when she began attending Lady Cougar Basketball Camps. “She’ll do great things academically and athletically,” Honeycutt added.

“It feels special that I’ve gotten to work toward this, and I’ve always wanted this,” said Brown. From a Caryville Cardinal to a Jacksboro Eagle to a Campbell County Cougar, Brown has played basketball at every juncture of her educational career, and becoming a Marine Maritime Academy Mariner is a next logical step in Brown’s game plan.

Brown’s on campus visit in September resulted in a big “yes” that this was the school for her. She loves Coach Dagen and gets along well with him. She also met some of her future teammates on the visit. It just so happens that jersey number 12 is open, and that it’s all hers when she suits up for the Mariners.

MMA is a member of the North Atlantic Conference. Conference games will take Brown throughout the Northern New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, as well as New York.

The super excited current Lady Cougar credits her work ethic for her success. “I have the mindset that everyone’s working, and I must work harder while others are on the couch,” said Brown.

She proved her leadership skills during a three-game stretch when Madison Brady and Emily Ellison were out last season. She carried the Lady Cougars with games of 18, 19 and 26 points picking up the slack. The 26 points, a career high, was also the night she tied the school mark for threes in a game at seven.

There’s still a lot of work to do before heading east. A full season of high school basketball, graduation and adding some much needed weight to her frame top the list. Brown’s goal is to pack on eight more pounds by the end of summer.

Brown considers it special in that she is carrying on the tradition of Lady Cougars earning college scholarships and playing basketball at the collegiate level. “I hope it will inspire others,” said Brown.

Come August, Brown will be off to Castine, Maine, some 1,200 miles from home to carry out her game plan. Way to go, Alyssa! (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/12/2020-6AM)