JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Commission voted unanimously on Monday night to fill the vacant seat of Carl Douglas by choosing his son Michael to represent the 5th District. Watch the Campbell County Commission meeting from Monday night right HERE.

A large number of Stanfield community residents filled half of the courtroom to support their favorite son as no other candidates were nominated. Fellow 5th District commissioner Ralph Davis nominated Douglas and the commission voted without hesitation to allow the son to fill his father’s chair.

What followed was as much a memorial celebration of the late Carl Douglas as it was a swearing-in ceremony for Michael. Judge Amanda Sammons used a Bible belonging to the late commissioner to administer the oath, Ralph Davis then presented Douglas with flowers and a flag and read a proclamation from Jellico Mayor Dwight Osborne. Davis then made a motion to name a one mile segment of Stinking Creek Road as the Carl Douglas Memorial Highway, with all commissioners supporting the honor.

The commission then proceeded with routine business, approving minutes, committee reports and a three year capital outlay note for $325,000 to help finance the construction of a new Sheriff’s Department office annex to be constructed on what is currently the gravel parking area to the west of the existing Sheriff’s office and jail.

The annex building will also contain satellite offices with drive-through windows for both the Trustee and County Clerk, enabling the public to pay taxes, renew license plates and other business without leaving their vehicles, something that would have served the public well during this current pandemic.

The total cost of the new building will be $529,978 with $204,978 provided by state grants while the capital outlay note will involve “non-interest bearing” notes, paid off with savings from the county refinancing existing bonded debt.

The commission also approved changes in procedure for committee meetings and decisions intended to streamline committee actions prior to action by the full commission.

There were no contentious issues during the regular commission meeting, although a meeting of the Recreation Committee held immediately beforehand featured a large group of residents complaining about the nuisance effect of off-road vehicles. The complaints ranged from ATVs driving on public roads after dark, alcohol use, non-use of helmets and other reckless behavior.

TWRA officers were present, along with Sheriff’s Department personnel, but commissioners were given little guidance about how the county commission could do anything other than act as a sounding board, considering that laws and restrictions already exist and enforcement seemed to be the main issue.   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/17/2020-5PM)