JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – A decades long servant of Campbell County has died. Ronnie Branam passed away Friday.

Ronnie C. Branam, who grew up at Duff, graduated from Wynn High School.

Branam served as Register of Deeds for 28 years.

Walters Funeral Home is handling the arrangements for Ronnie C. Branam. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/21/2020-2PM)

One Reply to “Ronnie C. Branam, of Jacksboro”

  1. Terry Basista says: Like the rest of you I’ve known Ronnie for as long as I’ve been involved in Campbell County! He was a really fine fellow and great Register of Deeds! He was also a good sport. One day a few of us were in his office in the room where the deed books were stored. We all had it planned. Just as Ronnie walked into the room I grabbed one of the deed books and ripped a page out of the book (it was a fake page that we had inserted) and exclaimed something to the effect that “that deed doesn’t need to be in there!” Ronnie’s eyes got as big as a basket ball and he was flabbergasted and shocked!! Then we told him it was a joke! We all had a great laugh. Ronnie will be missed. To this day I think of him every time I enter those rooms of the Courthouse. I’m very sorry for his passing.