TOP PHOTO: What a difference a week makes. Last week, Hannah Baird shared a look at the Stinking Creek Bridge’s last full day of operation. This morning, she shares a photo of how it looks a week later.

STINKING CREEK, TN (WLAF) – Crews made quick work of the nearly 100-year- old bridge that used to sit between Stinking Creek School and Stanfield Church.

Hannah Baird takes us through this week’s demolition that started on Mon., Nov. 16.

The bridge on its last full day of operation on Sun., Nov 15, 2020.

Here’s what the bridge looked like through Baird’s lens the last day the bridge stood on Sun., Nov 15.

Campbell County Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck said, “The road will be closed for an unknown amount of time as the bridge is being replaced.” Residents are taking the Old Stinking Creek Road loop back around to the west entrance of the road. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/23/2020-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF HANNAH BAIRD)