JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – LaFollette Mayor Mike Stanfield will be seeing the documents the state of Tennessee has in his misconduct case.

During a brief hearing yesterday, Steve Hurst, Stanfield’s attorney said he expected to see those documents soon.

Nathan Nichols, the special attorney general appointed to prosecute the case, agreed to send Hurst a copy of the requested documents, Hurst told the court in the Zoom hearing.

Those documents pertain to the specifics of each crime Stanfield is facing.

Last month, Hurst filed two motions in the case. The first asked for information behind the nine allegations levied against Stanfield to be revealed.

For each count filed against Stanfield, Hurst has asked for specific dates, names of others involved as well what benefit was allegedly obtained by Stanfield in the committing of the acts. Also included in this line of inquiry is a request for the disclosure of the statements allegedly made by Stanfield such as how he directed a city employee to provide false information to state officials and the words he allegedly used to retaliate against city administrator Jimmy Jeffries.

In a second motion, a request was filed to examine sealed documents in the matter. Within that motion, Hurst said the state has filed sealed documents in the case but will not allow the papers to be seen with prosecutors citing an ongoing investigation as the reason for the non-disclosure. Because nothing else has happened in the case since his arrest, Stanfield wants to see what those documents are, according to the motions.

In September, Stanfield was indicted on seven counts of official misconduct, retaliating against the employee who reported him to the state comptroller’s office and lying to a state auditor.

Currently, he faces seven felony and two misdemeanor charges. If convicted of a felony, Stanfield would have to vacate his position as mayor.

The case will be called for review Jan. 25. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED- 12/01/2020- 6 AM)