TOP PHOTO: Kensey Smith is this week’s WLAF “Teacher of the Week.”

By Charlotte Undertwood

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – This week’s WLAF teacher feature spotlight shines on Jacksboro Middle School teacher Kensey Smith. Smith teaches sixth grade math and is in her 11th year of teaching. It is her 10th year at JMS.

According to Smith, she became a teacher because she wanted to “lead, inspire and educate.” “I became a teacher because I wanted children to have someone who believed in them,” Smith said.

My favorite part about teaching is the struggle BUT not what you may be thinking. I teach math, a subject in which children tend to give up quite quickly if they do not know the answer right away, and from day one I try to teach my students it is OK to struggle and make mistakes because with those mistakes comes learning, and in those struggles you get better,” Smith said.

According to Smith, a positive from this year despite all the challenges is seeing the students excited about being at school. “Kids typically “hate” school, but this year I have seen kids who are grateful to be there, even if things are different.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/03/2020-6AM)