LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – As the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) continues its work on Highway 63 (General Carl Wade Stiner Highway) motorists are working to navigate the construction and rough road.

The goal of the construction is to increase the road from a two- lane road to a five-lane road, according to TDOT’s website.

Highway 63’s use as a “principal arterial roadway” and as an I-75 detour is behind the $17 million job. Once completed, the road will have improved safety, capacity and will have corrected deficiencies in the current road, the website said.

Traffic on Highway 63 has been rerouted multiple times since the roadwork began.

For Campbell Countians, the work will affect them in two areas. The first section is from the LaFollette city limits to the Frontier Road/Woodson Lane area. The other section is from Frontier Road/ Woodson Lane to the Campbell/ Claiborne County line.

These roughly 11 miles of road have become a challenge for local drivers. Between construction barrels, changing traffic patterns, the loss of the shoulder in some areas and uneven surfaces motorists are forced to navigate the construction.

Motorist not only have to navigate changing traffic patterns but much of the road surface is uneven. It some spots there are also potholes.

Once work is completed, from LaFollette to Hall Lane will be widened to four 12-foot travel lanes with a 12-foot center turning lane, TDOT said. New traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Highway 63 and Myers Lane (Food Lion) as well at the intersection of Highway 63 and Middlesboro Road/ Wildwood Circle.

Potter South East, LLC was awarded the contract to complete the construction, according to TDOT.

The four-phase project is scheduled to be finished by May 31, 2023.

“Construction projects can certainly affect our efforts to get from point A to point B.  We appreciate the patience of the motoring public as this important work continues,” said TDOT Spokesperson Mark Nagi. “In the end, this will be a safer and more efficient roadway for motorists in Claiborne and Campbell Counties.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED- 12/07/2020- 6AM)

4 Replies to “Drivers run the gauntlet while work continues until 2023”

  1. It would be really nice if they would fill in some of the holes etc. where they have diverted traffic onto the shoulder areas, especially with the winter months coming on.

    1. Larry, I called Potters Southeast and told them about the potholes and how bad they were. They said they had “contracted out a company” and they would contact them. I called over a week ago and the potholes are still there. Guess it will take someone either having a collision while trying to miss the potholes or severe damage done to a vehicle before anything will be taken care of.

  2. Those pot holes cause drivers to swerve to keep from busting their tires and they have to swerve into the oncoming traffic. I saw a driver swerve today and almost hit a vehicle coming toward them. The more rain and freezing weather is going to make it worse.

  3. Please repair the potholes before a head on collision happens. Potters Southeast and TDOT should have already been doing these repairs.

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