JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Missy Tackett (above) is almost 45 days into her tenure as executive director at the Campbell County Chamber.

Since assuming the helm, Tackett has been learning the inner working of the chamber.

The first duty in her new role was to learn the day to day functions. “It has been challenging yet, very exciting,” she said. “ I am learning new things every day.”

Perhaps the most surprising thing Tackett has learned has been the outside interest of people when it comes to Campbell County. With Tennessee being a no income tax state, a low cost of living and the scenery, Campbell County is a destination for people wanting to relocate.  

The chamber provides relocation packets to these people, according to Tackett. “I’m pleasantly surprised about the number of packets we send out each week. It’s a great feeling to share the wonderful qualities of our community and to encourage them to become a part of that community,” she said.

As Tackett has been learning her role, this has given her the opportunity to set goals for her time at the chamber. The first among those being to increase membership while also working with current members on their business goals.

While she is working on those areas, there are other projects in the works, she said. “The chamber is also currently working on updating our Campbell County Chamber of Commerce website along with developing a website dedicated to tourism in our area. Both are very exciting as each will highlight our community,” she said.

Prior to this job, Tackett spent 27 years at Community Health of East Tennessee.

“The 27 years at CHET taught me so much,” she said. “I had opportunities to grow as a leader and learned the importance of being part of a team and how it takes the team to reach dreams and goals of program.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 12/14/2020 6AM)