MORLEY, TN (WLAF) – According to a release from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Jason Shears answered a potential assault call at 8:34 pm on Saturday at a home about a mile outside of Morley.

At a home at 140 Beacon Lane is where Shears found a man lying on the floor with two stab wounds to the abdomen; one to the lower abdomen and one to the upper abdomen. Witnesses on the scene identified the victim as Jeffrey Carr.

Deputy Shears notes that the witnesses, who were sitting on a bed when the incident occured, told him that Dean Baird, 52, of 504 Sled Creek Road at Duff and 41-year old Misty Carr of 114 Beacon Lane at Duff knocked on the back door of the home and after entering began assaulting Jeffrey Carr. It was said that Baird and Misty Carr fled the home leaving the victim.

Dean Baird is being held in the county jail without bail.

The witnesses, a man and a woman, both said, along with Jeffrey Carr, that they never saw the weapon during the struggle, based on the report.

Misty Carr refused to answer investigators questions without an attorney.

Sheriff’s officials believe that Jeffrey Carr and Misty Carr are brother and sister.

Carr is recovering this afternoon at a London, KY, hospital. Conditions were such that a medical helicopter could not fly, and he was transported by ground ambulance.

Deputies were later able to locate Baird at his mother’s home at 504 Sled Creek Road. Stated in the report is that Baird was found up under the house and announced that he wasn’t the one who did the stabbing. Misty Carr was found at a home at 116 Beacon Lane. Misty Carr, based on the report, would not answer any questions without an attorney present. Both were arrested.

Baird is facing a charge of aggravated assault. Misty Carr was charged with aggravated assault by domestic violence. Both are being held without bond at the Campbell County Jail and are due in court on Tue., Feb. 9, 2021. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/21/2020-2PM)