JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – County Commissioners met online via zoom on Monday evening and voted to raise the tire disposal fee from .80 cents a tire to $1 per tire.

According to county officials, the rates have not been raised in a number of years but the cost to the county continues to go up. “We are losing around $10,000 a year. This will offset that cost,” Commissioner Ralph Davis said.

Commissioner Zach Marlow was the only dissenting vote and said he worried that raising the rates would put “extra pressure on the litter patrol officer.”

The commission had previously looked into purchasing a tire grinder, but felt it was not cost effective.

County Mayor E.L. Morton announced to the commission that the Tennessee Department of Transportation had responded to the county’s letter of concern regarding the construction and traffic layout up the valley in front of Food Lion and Davis Chapel. According to Morton, the state said it plans to redo the traffic pattern layout and will be modifying the intersections and paint schemes to make it safer for people to get in and out of traffic.

This related story outlines TDOT’s plan to redo the traffic pattern layout.

Commissioner Rusty Orick said Steve Borden with TDOT had responded to him and that safety measures would be implemented. The state is going to do a night study and work on fixing the problem, according to Orick.

Commissioners had it on the agenda to increase patient rates for the EMS department, but Orick asked that the issue be tabled until a more in depth meeting could be held. “There’s just some things I want to dig into, not kill it, but look at it in-depth. We just need to discuss it in further detail. This will give all of us a chance to look at it. We are behind on the numbers, they haven’t been raised in 12 years,” Orick said. 

A meeting to discuss this will take place in January. A meeting date has not yet been set. 

The purchase of nine H-VAC units at a total cost of $24,000 was approved. The oldest of the units is 35 years old and the newest is 12 years old. Eight units will be installed to replace old units, and one will be a spare.

Other business approved included:

Notary of the public applications were approved as amended.

Budget amendments and funding resolutions as discussed at last week’s workshop were approved.

Commissioners also approved the campground layout for Lonas Young RV Park. The project will now be opened up for bid. 

Also approved was an annual contract for the property assessor’s office.

The emergency purchase of a chemical fogger machine used to clean the courthouse was also approved. The purchase of the machine is saving the county thousands of dollars, according to Davis.

The purchase of 100 blocks was approved to be used in building a retaining wall at the sanitation department. The purchase is within sanitation’s budget. 

A furniture purchase for $4,000 for the airport lobby was approved. It is within the airport’s budget, according to officials.

The purchase of storefront glass for the clerk’s office at a cost of $3,325 was approved. 

Commissioners discussed and approved the 2021 legislative agenda as recommended by the legislative committee.

At the close of the meeting, chairman Johnny Bruce wished all citizens of Campbell County a Merry Christmas on behalf of the commission. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/22/2020-6AM)