TOP PHOTO: Jacksboro Police Chief Jeremy Goins said he was honored to receive the first COVID vaccine in the county and encouraged the public to get theirs when it becomes available. The chief said getting the shot felt similar to receiving the flu shot.

WLAF’s Jim Freeman visits with Campbell County Health Department RN Supervisor Vida Rains during WLAF’s live telecast as Rains prepares to administer the first COVID-19 vaccination.

By Charlotte Underwood   

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – It was a momentous Monday in Campbell County when the first COVID-19 vaccine was administered at the health department. WATCH the event here on demand from WLAF’s Matthew Moore.

Jacksboro Police Chief Jeremy Goins received the first COVID-19 vaccine on Monday at 3:30. Registered Nurse Supervisor Vida Rains administered the vaccine.

Jacksboro Police Chief Jeremy Goins was the first to receive the shot, making local history amidst the pandemic. Goins said he had no idea he would receive the first vaccine, but was “honored” to do so. “As a first responder, it’s our duty to protect the public and getting this vaccination is a huge step in being able to do that. I trust in the doctors and scientists who developed this vaccine and in the Lord that gave them that knowledge to do so,” Goins said. 

Ten doses of the Moderna vaccine were administered to first responders and several of the testing staff at the health department. The vaccination is administered in two doses to achieve immunization, with the second dose taking place in 28 days.

The vaccination is part of the “first wave” that is being distributed among the state’s health care workers, first responders and medical staff. 

Campbell County Health Department Director Charles Turner and County Mayor E.L. Morton both said this is the “turning point” in the battle against the virus. 

Campbell County Health Department Director Charles Turner discusses the importance of the vaccine with WLAF’s Jim Freeman.

“This was a huge day for our county. This is the next step in protecting the public and bringing back some normalcy to our world,” Turner said. 

“It’s exciting; we are making history, and we hope to get a lot of people vaccinated and get through this,” said Vida Rains, RN Supervisor who administered the first vaccine shot in the county. After the first wave of vaccinations for first responders and health care workers, then nursing home residents and others in high risk groups will receive the vaccine, which is available in limited doses. 

Campbell County Mayor E.L. Morton said Monday’s first vaccination in the county marked a turning point against the virus.

Campbell County Mayor E.L. Morton said he wanted to encourage the public to get the vaccine when it becomes available. He also recommended to limit holiday gatherings to smaller groups and for citizens to continue wearing masks for the safety of others.

“Let’s make our sacrifices in 2020 so Christmas of 2021 can go back to being normal,” Morton said.

First Responder Daniel Lawson was among the initial 10 Campbell Countians to receive the COVID-19 vaccination on Monday. Ten does come in a vile is why health care professionals inoculated 10 people at one time.

Due to the limited availability of the vaccine, it is unknown at this time when it will be available for the general public. “We will be opening up the vaccine for other groups as it becomes available to us,” Turner said. As the vaccine becomes available to the public, the health department will make announcements. 

The Campbell County Health Department will continue to do self tests on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and drive through testing on Tuesday and Thursdays. All COVID-19 tests are by appointment. For more information, call 423-562-8351. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/22/2020-6AM)