LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The City of LaFollette Regional Planning Commission meeting took place Tuesday afternoon at city hall. Two items were on the agenda.

The first was the building located at 219 North Avenue, near the hospital. Ridgeview Health would like to take the building and transform both levels into a total of 11 apartments. These apartments would be used as housing for individuals overcoming opioid addiction. There would be 10 units available with the remaining unit housing the apartment manager. Planning commission member Mark Hoskins specifically asked if these would be for local individuals with addiction to use, to which he received a “yes.” The problem the company is facing is the zoning of the property. The property is zoned as a C2, and the committee was not sure that the city can allow that type of business within the limits. Codes Officer Daniel Foster will be digging deeper into the books to find answers, and this item will be brought up again at the next meeting.

Lastly, there was a request for a special exception for property located at 2435 Jacksboro Pike. This is the lot that contains Grace Rehab. Aaron Brown and Brad Honeycutt would like to place a structure in the upper right corner of this lot for a new ice cream shop. Brown and Honeycutt plan to open Mugs Ice Cream in March. Besides a small matter of the definition of a permanent foundation to which both gentlemen agreed to use whatever foundation the city deemed fit, the only issue was the matter of there being two businesses on one property. However, with the size of the lot and the fact that the new structure will have its own running water, sewer and electricity, the motion was approved. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/23/2020-6AM)